Clones at play

Worked on a 20sec Cinema commercial for Play Clan, showcasing the quirky world of Play Clan.

The world was illustrated by the awesome illustrator Swati, the character heads were illustrated by ‘The Sifu’ Clement, the layout design by Mukund and the project co-ordination done by Pooja. All of the moving elements, the camera moves that you see in the commercial was brought to live by yours truly :)
Had an awesome time while working on this one with the whole team.
And most importantly this project wouldn’t have been possible without Himanshu & Joe who let our imagination go wild.

The commercial was played in the cinema halls. Yes! it did play, too bad you guys missed it.
Incase you missed it, it is here somewhere on this site.

And do check out

Illustrator: Swati
Graphic Designer: Mukund
Mograph Animator : Li Hsing Lu
Project Co-ordinator: Pooja
Producer: Himanshu Dogra, Francis Joe



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