Codot Collection

The CoDot range aims at creating a calm and thoughtful atmosphere which would facilitate introspection and bring relief to the chaos and complications of our everyday life. This range of accessories is made keeping in mind the simple, minimal and natural feel of corian as a material and the almost Zen like appearance of the products enhances the material properties. The formal elements bring a modest but adequate support for a vision of a morally correct modern lifestyle,being simple and uncomplicated, and modern and fun at the same time.

The forms show the simple functions in an understandable and intuitive way. Appropriate construction techniques demonstrate the materials ability to be formed in a simple manner and connect seamlessly, creating high structural strength and delicate appearance, hygienic and easy maintenance along with reasonable production costs.

- Anuj.K.Dixit ( Industrial Designer, National Institute of Design NID).

My role in the project was to create a 3D visualization based on the conceptual sketches.

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